About Us

Primarily, our main expertise involves the making of cabochons for jewelry artists. 
We are located in Israel half way between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in a city called Modi'in. 
We find the Gemstone Cabochons and Gemstone Slabs almost irresistible in terms of naturalness and beauty. 
The idea of bringing out to display a magnificent creation of nature which have been hidden inside a rock, is simply overwhelming. 
 We mainly work with all types of Agates and Jasper. 
 Each cabochon is hand cut in a way that will bring the best of the stone, carefully examined and polished. 
 Only the good ones make it to the selling stage. One thing we do not take credit for is the absolute beauty of the stone. 
 This is merely created by mother nature over tens of thousands of years. 
 Each cabochon or slab have their unique signature and you'll never find two that are alike.